Jessica Herodes //




My time as graphic designer and social media manager at Bibelot felt more like being in a divine heaven filled with chocolate, exquisite cakes and sophisticated coffee and far from a job. Walking in and ordering my usual dark hot chocolate for the morning and sitting down to review the days workload ahead was a pleasure.

Bibelot directors instructed me they needed a jazz up from their 5 year old out-dated website and wanted to improve their online presence. I immediately began planning suitable new web design concepts, colour palettes, product imagery and user experience layouts. I also delved into their systems and back end to incorporate SEO, Google Analytics and other data for collecting.

Whilst working on their new website, I also spent time photographing their entire catalogue of cakes and retail products for consistency, clarity and to compel customers to make a purchase. I also worked on creating social and web content for campaigns, events and special occasions that would aid in attracting new customers, spread brand awareness and sell more products. These tasks included myself to research, create visual content, edit, write and market accordingly to the objective.

Another area of my focus was in-store graphics and signage. I re-worked menus for enhanced customer satisfaction and experience, updated showcase signs that were inconsistent and designed new visual retail signs.

Lastly I attended events and certain occasions to capture and film for posting to social media, their online website and for future business material.


Web Design & Deployment

Before working at Bibelot, their website was dull and filled with out-dated colours and imagery. I decided to modernise the site with a fresh and minimal design to compliment their sophisticated and elegant style. I fixed up all product pages which had imagery that was inconsistent with lighting and quality which caused a disjointed look. I also wanted each product to shine so I made them larger for users to view.



Photography & Videography

I spent a lot time photographing new products as well as editing old photos in Photoshop to colour correct or enhance the quality. I curated photo shoots of events, special occasions and for specific purposes such as creating campaigns for website pages and PR. I also filmed and edited a number of events and product feature videos to post on social channels and online ads.


SEO, E-commerce Optimisation Marketing

I used a number of tools such as Google console and online marketing resources to track data, gain vital keywords for search engine optimisation and investigate competitors. The information I gathered helped with building and designing the new website as well as giving the Bibelot directors insight to crucial data that can increase customer satisfaction and grow traffic to their online store.


In-Store Retail Graphics & Signage

Certain in-store materials and signs such as showcase and retail product labels, table talkers, menus and boards needed attention. I undertook the entire task of re-designing, printing and cutting showcase and retail tags for perfection and in high quality detail for customers to view. New retail signs were also needed to feature promotions, social events and new products.