Jessica Herodes //

My Design Style


Design Style

Below I have listed my favourites when it comes to design and communication, I embrace all different styles of graphic design from edgy, modern to traditional or retro and I can work with almost any particular branding style. Included are also some of the 2019 graphic design trends listed by creatives. These trends can help to inspire your current business with marketing ideas for social channels, refreshing web landing pages or creating billboards and other advertising communication that are on target with this years themes, influences and issues.

My Values

I am a designer who has always been focused on sticking with a set of values for myself and my design work. I embrace clients who would like to achieve similar goals and aspirations. I encourage businesses and brands to be positive, welcome social and environmental change, maintain balance in health, life and business and provide their services or products for complete customer satisfaction by being honest and using the best policies.




I have always enjoyed keeping up with PANTONE and their design expertise and universal language in colour. They have provided me with their colour matching system to assist my clients with colour perfection in branding and all areas of communication. The PANTONE colour of the year for 2019 is PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral.



I adore design the most when they are simple and clean. Minimal designs can create ‘wow’ moments for customers and audiences in presenting the most important elements of a brand.

I am a strong advocate for animals, people, culture and our planet earth. I believe in being kind and giving to others and I want to show that through my work as well as to communities and organisations.



The world wide web has always fascinated me and I love keeping up to date on everything web and media related. The Webby Awards is my go to place for staying in tune with what is happening globally online. It has numerous categories and awards that honors digital content. Some of my favourites are: Green, Food & Drink, Best Visual Design and Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit.



I love the use of big and bold imagery. Although photo’s and images don’t shine for all brands or businesses, they sure can leave an impression when used the right way. Some great online resources for beautiful high quality images are Unsplash, Pexels and Kaboompics. Choosing stock imagery to represent your brand can be tricky when it comes to staying authentic and genuine to your audience (which is a must!) so take care when using certain photo’s and images.


Big, beautiful type. I love logos that make a statement and help a brand shine through imagery and colour. Using large type that contrasts with other elements such as icons and simply open space can make a huge impact on visual designs and communicative pieces.