Jessica Herodes Design
digital media specialist



My partner Ryan and I love to talk. About everything and anything. One thing I have found, is that just from talking, whether it be a casual conversation or a deep discussion about work, it always leads to us wanting to run to our laptop and start jotting down ideas or instantly create something.

Ryan and I are both creators. We create something from nothing on a daily basis. It makes sense that when we are conversing, we usually have a lot of :uh huh!: moments. His is a very profound click of his fingers as he whips his head in a random direction and stares deeply into nothingness. Mine is a less abrupt reaction of slightly nodding my head and staring down at my feet. These moments are so often and re-occurring for us, and it is simply just from speaking out loud.

Creativity, I think is hard to come by most times I need it, which is constantly. The pressure of regularly producing unique and authentic ideas, strategies and concepts exhausts my mind. But by simply taking breaks at multiple points in the day to just talk and let my mind speak freely releases the pressure of being creative.