Jessica Herodes Design
digital media specialist



Minimal design has been a style I have been adoring over the last year. It gave me inspiration to throw away probably half of the things I owned and begin living a life of solitude but with added training of my memory. Because I will never get those flashback fitted objects back. It was a saddening experience that overwhelmed my emotions as I felt loss in many ways. Memories that I cannot relive or experience. People that I will never encounter again or places that I might never go back to.


The objects that we keep in life will always reflect a time in our past and will to some degree hold memories and special moments. My view on being minimal changed slightly as I realised that I might not necessarily want to let go of certain things in my life, even though I would rather live my life as bare minimum with only the essentials of deodorant and coffee. In my favourite mug. With milk. Oh and some cacao, stirred in with the cutest Japanese spoon.

I admit the living minimal thing is a process. I guess the best thing I can do is just hide these things really well. You could still walk into my house and think “It’s so open and spacious!” I do practice living minimally but I also keep the things I love the most, compactly and out of sight. Because personally, sitting at an empty white desk, against a clean white wall, in an almost empty room can be quite drab, especially on sunny days.

I hate sunny days.