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ONE sunny morning, I was sitting in my office, which is situated right at the front of my house, I heard a little child wailing. I looked out my large corner windows to see a mother walking her son. It dawned on me that she was walking in the opposite direction of the school at precisely 9:36am. At the same time I was leisurely browsing Muzli which is my browsers homepage, a design inspiration board. My eyes spotted a link leading to a colour palette generator. So now, here I am, my morning routine instantly interupted by my buzzing brain with a need to create a solution with something creative.

  1. A mother who could not get her child to stay at school. (because lets face it, going to school can get pretty boring if it’s all literacy and numercy without really even knowing why it’s needed).

  2. A colour palette generator tool. (because life is dull without it!)

My intial thought was to create something by finding a solution to a problem as well as giving myself a creative challenge —Be inspired ONLY by colour and problem.

Sometimes colour can be the only thing a designer needs to spark creativity.

This is the colour palette I chose to go with: bright and fun with a dash of formality.

Muzli Colour Palette.PNG

Let’s begin! With the colour palette picked, I open up Illustrator and a new browser tab.

I Google: Apps to inspire children

I immediately went for apps because that is how the future is moving. These days I see small children in prams or trolley seats with a iphone glued to their hand while their parents choose the newest eco-friendly product in washing detergent. Technology is taking over our lives, especially our children so why not create a new app that helps combine their imaginative and curious minds for future learning purposes.

While I was at uni, my final design project was a collaboration to create something meaningful. My group decided to create a project that involved pre-school children and to ask them “What they want to be when they grow up?” This was quite an imaginative question, so I have decided to stem from that and go with an app for this personal challenge that is part questionnare and part game related. An RPG (role playing game) in the sense that takes school children on a journey to discover what they would like to aspire to be as an adult. It could be an app that could be incorporated through Schools to inspire children to go the extra mile, in order to achieve their schooling goals with positive reinforcement and rewards.

homework being Forgotten — to homework being an instant reward.