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Google Game Interland

As the digital age continues to grow and expand, I find myself getting more and more excited for the future. I begin fantasizing about the day we will be flying our cars home from work and walking in to a freshly cooked meal by our friendly homebotD745.

Besides smart kettles and lights, we have advanced technology to better our lives and make the world a better place, but it also comes with concerns.

Danger and risk are now at our finger tips on the daily as we are all immersed in the online world. The internet can now screw you over in more ways by having insecure passwords, clicking on virus infected links or online businesses that you engage with being comprimised. I have had numerous emails from businesses warning me about security issues through their website. This one example comes from Nando’s:

“We’ve recently noticed an increase in suspicious activity involving several
attempts at multiple logins to our PERi-Perks database in Australia through our Nando’s Australia app (AKA the ‘PERi-Perks app’) and our website (”

Another case of internet danger, is cyber bullying and online trolls. I spend a fair amount of leisure time online and playing multiplayer games, which involves interacting with other players that are either teammates or enemies. Although more often than not, it is the players who are in your team that do the most bullying. If you aren’t playing well enough, aggressive players aren’t shy about beating your down, which can be quite harmful and damaging to experience.

Google’s adventure-packed online game, INTERLAND addresses these digital issues. Their goal is to educate and assist people in becoming an internet Legend. Challenges in the game include, identifying email scams, dealing with trolls, being mindful on social sites and securing personal information. 

The simplicity and structure of the game allows players to finish the online adventure in under an hour with a gleaming certificate of Being Internet Awesome.

Google Game Interland Certificate

I throughly enjoyed Google’s education adventure and went searching for more games with purpose.

I came across one in particular that hit home for me. Glitches developed a VR game called SEA HERO QUEST to contribute medical research in hopes to treat one of the major conditions of the world, dementia. 

In recent years, my family have been dealing with the struggles and grief that dementia can cause. I was drawn to this game for it’s heartfelt mission of exploration, research and hope of combating an emotional and distressing disorder that could someday aid in finding a cure or improved treatment.

You can read more about Games for Impact here.