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Project Description

Secret Sofa



This was a BIG one. An industry professional walks through to my office and asks me to work with them to create a brand new online business that will change the way Australia buys furniture. Wow, okay. Yea…Yea! Let’s do it! Since beginning this project back in June 2017, building the Secret Sofa business and working with someone with a vast knowledge of their product, but for them to know nothing about the online digital world, I can truly say was an incredible challenge. From creating the logo, building the brand, designing the website, producing the product for the digital market and being the sole administrator for their business with deadline after deadline, the project was a loooong long long journey.

  • Logo and Branding

  • Advertising

  • Web Design

  • Product Photography

  • Photo Editing

  • Adminsitration

  • Marketing


Firstly, I created a brief with the company director, who, at the time, was a little lost in how to actually start an online business. And I completely understood, from previously working with a lot of clients that are building businesses for the first time with little to no knowledge of knowing how to start. So we went on a journey designing the logo and branding. Then onto working with a developer to build the website. As that was happening I was doing constant photography sessions, week after week, to shoot hundreds of furniture products, with thousands of detailed and angle shots all while editing for upload. Not to mention the pile of manipulated photos to build for missing products and colours. Once product photography had settled, we focused on getting the website designed with branding and products. A constant stream of advertising material was produced to promote the new website in Adwords, Facebook, Newspapers, Flyers and Building and Facade signage.

Logo and Branding
Web Design
Print Materials

My Photography

The photos here are ones I had coordinated myself in a small flash photography studio. I chose furniture and items I thought presented a clean, balanced and aesthetically pleasing space. I shot the different scenes with the intention of having a wide open space where I can change certain elements to suit the style and fashion of the interior design.


The end resulted in a successful e-commerce website, with a gorgeous modern design that appeals to the young and old. Bright, detailed and strong product photography, clean graphics as well as other media, such as email campaigns and fun moving gifs.

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