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Project Description

A Rug Import Business



Mos International is a rug importer and wholesaler. They have been in the Overlocking Mats and Rug business for quite some time. When I came to Mos, they had very outdated designs, poor image quality of their products and little to no standard for branding. It was up to me to bring them back up to speed with a fresh modern look while maintaining their traditional trade.

  • Graphic Design

  • Content Management

  • Technical Support

  • Photography


I established and created an updated version of their current catalogue that continues to follow brand guidelines. I also produced a new standard for their product photography, layout and overall quality.

  • Catalogues

  • Photography

  • Editing/Manipulation

IT Services
Print Material


I re-created all their existing catalogues into an exceptionally modern, clean and precise design standard that followed their guidelines in terms of familiarity and brand to their existing customer base. I photographed new high-quality images of their products and re-shot the existing ranges to increase sales of older stock to make room for new stock. I completely revamped their online e-commerce store to appeal to new customers and also enhance the way their existing customers experience.