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A Bit About Jess

HiMy name is Jessica. If you don’t know me, I am first and foremost a creative.

From a young age, just like any other kid, I had dreams and a wild imagination, although throughout the years those dreams and creative mind never faded. I still look at the world today and see painted skies, waves of emoji’s crashing in from the sea and Neo-Tokyo landscapes.
Having being born in the boom of the digital generation, technology has been an immense influence on my life. Computers fascinated me to the point it became an obsession. I wanted to know everything about that ugly beige box with magical glass. How do pictures get on there and where do they come from anyway?

Growing up Techy

Myfather was a huge influence when it came to involving technology to our everyday life. He worked as a motor mechanic, but his time at home was spent tinkering with circuit boards, sitting in the outdoor shed chatting away on his amateur radio setup or whizzing away on our home computer playing video games.

Throughout my younger years, I invested myself in consuming so much digital art and technology that I knew I would naturally be drawn into a creative career later on. I tried as many creative activities as I could, that included, editing my favourite clips from YouTube in Movie Maker, writing my own fantasy stories, drawing my friends as anime characters and taking millions of photos of my pet cat.
I now work professionally in commercial environments while maintaining a flow of design freelancing to satisfy my creative freedom. I am a constant creator, merging my love of design with new technologies for experimentation, satisfaction, art for art sake and to stay atop of forever changing trends.
I take each day as an opportunity only to better my skills, perfect my design profession and engage with new forms of art and technoculture.

My Work


My Work