About Me


My name is Jessica Herodes, I am a digital artist, graphic, web and UX/UI designer with a passion for philosophy, technology and science. Welcome to my portfolio website, showcasing some of my favourite and most popular creative work. Below is a little bit of my story of becoming a visual designer.

I started my graphic design journey after discovering the DSLR Camera when I was 13 years old. I was hooked on capturing vibrant and fascinating images of just about everything I set my lens in front of. For about 2 years this satisfied my love of expressing my personal visions, but after a time I wanted to expand my creative flair in newer and fun ways. This was when I stepped across a magazine cover in my local newsagent. It displayed a gorgeous sci-fi character, and that is when I decided to dedicate all my time into learning to create this type of art. This energised a galvanising parade inside of me, with a goal to achieve the same skill and technique.

I ravaged up resources and books containing all the digital painting and design information that I could find. Although, I was stricken with a lack of drawing skills and this tormented all motivation to continue and succeed. Regardless of this, I worked with what I had to offer. This is when I turned to vector art. I spent my free time in high school, clicking away in a Mac lab, following online tutorials and producing hundreds of digital vector images, from landscapes and animals, to detailed portraits and figures. I quickly began to appreciate colours, shapes, textures, lines, type and space. I realised just how beautiful an image can be created from aligning an endless amount of elements with certain colours and sizes to build a visual commodity. Full speed ahead design career.

Now in my world of creative and technical work, I am strongly focus on advertising and branding graphic design, as well as video/photo editing and web coding.  My passion and drive to constantly achieve new and innovative creative ideas will always be the forefront of my mind, the future waits for no one. With a meticulous manner, I venture down creative paths, constantly looking for inspiration that furthers my craving for art and design. Everyday, I work with a fearless heart and motivating soul.

My current personal projects: Advancing my PHP language, creative writing and learning Unity (game engine) to create my first 2D game for mobile!

If you are interested in doing a collaboration or if you would like to hire me for a project, please feel free to contact me at jessicaherodes@gmail.com or with the contact form.